Internet eSIM/SIM

The freedom to be connected

The Internet eSIM/SIM purchased through the USIMS App, gives you the freedom to browse the web and use your favorite apps at your leisure.

What you get?

New Data eSIM/SIM
  • eSIM can be easily downloaded and installed through USIMS App.
  • SIM can be purchased through the USIMS App and delivered in 3 days worldwide.

Most competitive prices comparing to other roaming fees

Explore our prices in Europe, USA and other parts of  the world.

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Free Roaming Fees

No Data roaming fees anywhere in the world.

Private & Secure Connection

Encrypted by security protocols to ensure the security of Data flowing.

Choose your suitable Bundle

Anywhere in the world, pay through the USIMS App..

eSIM & Hard SIM

Works with all enabled mobiles, otherwise order your hard SIM through the app.

Stay connected worldwide.

Download the USIMS App for free and stay connected worldwide.

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